Anthony Freda

Senior Engineer@1v1Me

I am a self-taught senior software engineer based in Charlotte, north carolina. I have multiple years of experience working in various environments from small local agencies to Fortune 25 companies.

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About Me

I specialize in the development of scalable web applications. I spend most of my free time researching and experimenting with new technology. when not sitting at my computer writing code, I can be found at one of the many breweries in charlotte, at the gym, or on my couch watching some netflix.

Some of the Tools I'm Using:





»React Native





My career has placed me at some great places, and has given me the chance to work with and learn from some awesome people. I've been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to work with both battle hardened software and continue to to stay on the cutting edge with new up and coming technology.

Senior Engineer@1v1Me

June 2022Present

  • »Accelerated 0-1 product development for a user-facing web application using Next.js, TypeScript, and Tailwind, successfully scaling to over 20,000 new users per month.
  • »Engineered innovative features enabling users to compete in various video games for monetary rewards.
  • »Crafted functionalities allowing users to stake on the outcomes of professional esports matches, adding an exciting dimension to the user experience.
  • »Developed an engaging bracketed tournament feature, fostering a competitive environment for users.

Senior Software Engineer@P00LS

December 2021June 2022

  • »Spearheaded the selection and interview process for top-tier development talent, ensuring a robust pipeline of skilled professionals.
  • »Designed and engineered a bespoke CMS using Next.js, TypeScript, and Firebase, streamlining content management and increasing productivity.
  • »Crafted an engaging, consumer-facing application featuring a gamified ERC20 token earning system, utilizing React, Next.js, TypeScript, and Firebase.
  • »Pioneered the development of an innovative token claiming system, leveraging Next.js and TypeScript to enable seamless interaction with the Ethereum blockchain.

Lead Engineer@Movement Mortgage

April 2021December 2021

  • »Directed the screening and interview process for development hires, fostering a talented and well-rounded team.
  • »Devised a comprehensive in-house SDLC process, optimizing software development and ensuring timely project completion.
  • »Conducted thorough code reviews and championed adherence to development best practices, maintaining high-quality code standards.
  • »Conceived and engineered a custom CRM solution, employing React, Redux, and Redux Saga to enhance internal workflow efficiency.

Senior Software Engineer@Diligent

December 2019March 2021

  • »Championed the creation of micro-frontend integrations across diverse products, leveraging the power of React.js and Angular for seamless user experiences.
  • »Engineered expansive React applications with TypeScript, expertly scaling to accommodate over 200,000 satisfied customers.
  • »Contributed to the development of various microservices, utilizing cutting-edge tools such as Go/Golang and Node.js for optimal performance.
  • »Aided in the construction of a cohesive, company-wide UI component library, streamlining design and enhancing consistency.

AVP; Software Engineer@Bank of America

January 2018November 2019

  • »Earned prestigious Gold and Bronze accolades for exceptional performance and dedication.
  • »Spearheaded the development of scalable Next.js and GraphQL-based UIs, enhancing user experiences and application efficiency.
  • »Designed front-end application scaffolding, pipelines, and UI component libraries using React and TypeScript, optimizing project workflows.
  • »Engineered workflow automation web applications and analytical dashboards for internal Information Security teams, streamlining processes.

Software Engineer@Bank of America

July 2017January 2018

    Web Developer@Burke

    February 2017July 2017


      July 2015July 2017

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